is it just science…. not the beginning

I’ve been wanting to blog about science, science education and communication since I started teaching.

But I couldn’t

Because I was teaching

And there’s professionalism… and privacy laws… and all of that sort of thing.

Also the subject makes me crazy and I tend to get really really cross about stuff, which can be dull when you’re in the depths of it and solutions just don’t seem possible.

This, plus one hundred and one other aspects, led to me quitting the education system (eventually – I tried in 2015 and finally managed in 2017) as a teacher, to become a student.

I’ve sold my house and am self-funding my studies in order to find out what they hell is going on…

On Monday I start at University College London in the Science and Technology Studies department. The one ‘required reading’ book we have been given has already suffered violent remonstrations due to my general rising rage at the world. I am ridiculously excited and also mildly terrified. I have little idea of what to expect so shall be calm and quiet and ‘all ears’ for as long as I possibly can.

This blog section will be dedicated to my studies, things that interest me in that regards but also to science in general. Mostly in order to practice my own writing and communication skills before becoming all judgemental about others…

So it didn’t begin here originally, but it all begins here now.

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